• Comparació troc, moneda i donació (Informe del Col·lectiu Mostassa, febrer 2014. Pdf de l’article)

Aquest informe descriu un taller per comparar 4 models de fira: una fira d’intercanvi (troc), una fira amb moneda social gratuita, una fira amb moneda oficial i préstec bancari, i una fira d’economia natural sense diners de cap mena. El taller és un joc de simulació basat en l’intercanvi de cartes de joc. L’article descriu el joc, els resultats obtinguts en edicions anteriors, i les reflexions de lxs autorxs.

Aquest taller no pertany a ningú. És l’adaptació anònima d’un  joc de cartes. Pots replicar-lo i modificar-lo al teu gust, sense citar a ningú.

  • Money Can’t Buy Me Love (article publicat al congrés Degrowth 2010. Pdf de l’article)

Small communities, such as family, friends, neighbourhoods or social groups, create spaces where donation is possible. These exchanges can be made in a necessity-based approach, where the time waste on unnecessary goods can be saved for activities that develop our inner potential, and can be shared and enjoyed by others. In this way, three basic needs are satisfied: belonging in a group, altruism and creativity.

  • Natural Economies, the Alternative to Money. Card-game simulation for the comparison of bartering, money and natural economies (taller presentat al congrés Degrowth 2014. Descripció del taller. Conclusions),

This document shows a comparison among bartering, alternative (free) money, official money (based on credit), and natural economies (give-and-take). The comparison is based on a workshop where the different kinds of exchange are simulated by means of playing cards. This
paper describes the simulation game, and some reflections by the authors from previous editions of the workshop.

This workshop does not belong to anyone. Feel-free to copy or adapt it to your needs,without citation.

  • The bare necessities: Pushing back from monetary economics towards natural economies (Stirring paper, presentat al congrés Degrowth 2014. Aquí)

DISCLAIMER: If so many wise people have finally been proven wrong, we are probably wrong ourselves as well 🙂

Finding resources to realize true necessities leads to degrowth. Whereas promoting commodities for profit maximization, in order to gather property, leads to exponential growth and inequality. The goal of this paper is to stir discussion around these three axes: a) necessities, b) natural economies, and c) the cultural and ideological manipulations that sustain the current economical system, in an attempt to look for alternatives that push back from money towards natural economies.

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